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Slatted floor grooving

Unlike classic grooving, slatted floor grooving cannot be done with carbide impact cutters that would damage the openings. We have therefore developed a specific grooving machine with diamond disc cutting technology.

Characteristics of the grooves
The grooves are 10-mm wide, between 4 and 5 mm deep and are spaced 23 mm apart. The animals get much better grip without any change in their comfort level.
With diamond cutting, the grooves are cleanly cut without damaging openings or cracking the slats. Slat life is not adversely affected. Without scraping, the grooving of your slatted floor will be effective for years to come.

This is simply THE grooving system designed for slatted floors.
  • Animal comfort levels are maintained
  • The grooved slatted floor structure keeps its strength
  • Less expensive and more efficient than rubber in non-slip terms
Diamond discs, revolving at 2500 rpm, cut into the surface (4-5mm) of the slatted floor very cleanly. Smooth, regular progress of the grooving machine is made thanks its hydrostatic drive. The weight of the machine is distributed over 6 support points (3 axles). The machine operates on most slatted floors without risk of overload. A hand machine is used for finishing in restricted areas.
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