Facilitate the installation
of your scraper

One of the problems with having an automatic scraper installed is creating a clean, straight channel to house the chain or the cable for the scraper. A good quality channel will ensure that the installation will work correctly, and that the scraping system will stand the test of time. Thanks to our patented grooving machines, just one cutting operation is required for each channel.

The advantages
of Rainu’Rail

  • Automatic scrapers can be installed immediately, having cleared, and disposed of debris from the channel
  • Custom cut to the installer’s measurements for optimum set-up.
  • Saves time for livestock farmers and cuts down on tedious work.
  • Easier cement pouring (no need for formers).


The unique process means that just one cut is required for each groove, using the installer’s exact measurements. The guidance system ensures a perfectly straight channel. After cleaning, the automatic scraper is ready to be installed.

The patented combination of two cutting systems on one self-propelled machine ensures a clean, calibrated cut in just one passage. Diamond blades are used to cut the width and the depth of the channel. Carbide tips cutters are then used to hollow out this pre-cut section.

Our achievements

Your questions
on Rainu’Rail

Why choose Vermot for the grooves for my scraper?

Only our machines are capable of creating straight calibrated channels in just one pass. Two tools are positioned one behind the other: one for pre-cutting and one for hollowing out the groove, guaranteeing a clean cut in one visit. This is a technique we developed ourselves, which was patented in 2008.

What groove dimensions for my scraper?

Each scraper has its own specific channel measurements. We can provide the correct profile for all scrapers on the market. Please make sure to confirm the channel measurement with your scraper supplier prior to our technician arriving.

What does the Rainu’Rail process involve?

There are several steps to the Rainu’Rail process:

  • the cutting tools and machine are set up in accordance with the requested channel measurements
  • the location of the channel is marked out in paint Please make sure that the surface is as dry as possible before painting. If the building is in use, we would ask our clients to dry the concrete as much as possible using a bale of hay mounted on a forklift/tractor as a brush prior to our technician arriving.
  • the actual cutting of the groove

Preparation and marking out can take as long as cutting itself. Cleaning will be required after the job has been completed to remove of any gravel or fragments of concrete generated by the machine.

Should I take my animals out?

Generally speaking, ideally you would take your animals out. However, we work in both the summer and the winter in buildings, with or without livestock present. The machine is very noisy, but the sound produced is consistent. Your animals will not be disturbed, even if they are close to the machine while it is running. The best way to organise things is to work one corridor at a time if there are animals in the building. With milking robots, our technician will plan the job with you in advance in order to make sure that your robots are out of action for as little time as possible.

How long will Rainu’Rail take?

This varies considerably from one project to the next – the speed at which the machine moves will depend on how hard the concrete is. Depending on the region it can take up to three times as long. The average length of time is half a day to a day.

What happens if my floor isn't thick enough?

It can happen that the concrete is not thick enough to handle the depth requested by the scraper manufacturer. Should the cutters go through the floor, an extra layer of concrete can be poured into the bottom of the channel or lay a suitable steel strip along its length.

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