Custom-made for clean and dry scraping

Brush’Kit® is a set of made-to-measure brushes that are welded to your scrapers for enhanced scraping of your floors. The brush length can be customised to your scraper, while the brush height can be adjusted to offset any irregularities in the surface and to allow for bristle wear.

The advantages
of Brush’Kit

  • Enhanced scraping quality
  • Cleaner and drier corridors
  • Fewer health risks for your livestock
  • Quick and hard-wearing brush installation
  • Can be adapted to the majority of existing scrapers


Two bristle heights are available, adapting to the specifications of your scraper.

The fixing brackets can be made removable, allowing you to take the brushes off in difficult circumstances: in summer when the corridors are dry, or in winter when there is frost.

Hard-wearing, rot-proof and abrasion-resistant, Bross’Kit is equipped with brushes boasting 4 times the bristle density of standard brushes.

Once they are worn out, only the brushes must be replaced – the fixing system remains in place.

Our achievements

Your questions
on Brush’Kit

Is Brush’Kit recommended for my scraping system?

Brush’Kit is suitable for buildings which produce only liquid manure (i.e., which use either no straw or very little straw). The brush bristles replace the straw, creating a seal between the floor and the scraper. In straw-lined corridors, straw accumulates in the bristles, rendering brushes unusable.

Can Brush’Kit be mounted on my scraper?

Brush’Kit is made-to-measure on request. It can be adapted to all scrapers with heights of more than 14 cm. Contact us to arrange a feasibility study.

Where can I buy Brush’Kit?

Brush’Kit is sold at a number of retailers, both in France and overseas. Contact us to find your nearest retailer.

Contact us to request a quote or to ask for details.